Privacy Policy
We do not log any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
Our recursive DNS service, this website and other services we provide are fully compliant with the GDPR, and we welcome audits from reputable European entities.
We host our DNS infrastructure with reputable hosting providers that are registered and headquartered in member states of the European Union.
DNS traffic never geographically or legally leaves the European Union.
We protect our users from privacy exposure to other services that we must interact with in order to operate properly.
We use an innovative implementation of EDNS Client Subnet that conceals the IP addresses of our users from authoritative nameservers. We also enforce Query Name Minimisation to avoid leaking FQDNs to root nameservers.
We report and follow up on any privacy vulnerabilities we encounter in third-party softwares or services.
An example of this would be a DNS-over-HTTPS client that accepts and sends back cookies, or that sends any extraneous data that could be used for fingerprinting.
About is a French non‑profit organization founded in 2022 by Romain Cointepas and Olivier Poitrey — co-founders of NextDNS.